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Ft. Bend County Assault Defense Lawyer

Many times a scuffle in a bar or club can turn into a violent crime or assault charge. Assault and aggravated assault charges can mean years in jail and a criminal record. If you have been charged with a violent crime, it is crucial that you seek the help of an assault defense attorney who has the extensive experience and skills required in order to provide the most vigorous defense possible.

According to Texas Penal Code Chapter 22:

  • ASSAULT. (a) A person commits an offense if the person: (1) intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another, including the person's spouse; (2) intentionally or knowingly threatens another with imminent bodily injury, including the person's spouse; or (3) intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.

This offense is typically charged as a Class A misdemeanor. However, in some circumstances assault could be counted as a felony of the third degree. Assault of an elderly individual or someone who is disabled is a felony. For more information on felony assault, please refer to ยง 22.01(b) of the Texas Penal Code.

Violent crimes charges include:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Domestic assault
  • Sexual assault

The Self Defense Argument

There are many defenses your attorney can make against your violent crimes charge, including self defense and mutual fighting. You may have been drawn into a fight at a bar or club only because you were trying to defend yourself. Your actions of self defense may have unfortunately resulted in injury to another person. However, Attorney Ross Torres can make the argument of self defense in order to fight your assault or assault-related charges.

There are many defenses to an assault charge. However, each defense turns on very specific facts that are often highly contentious. It is important for you to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney early in your situation. This will allow your attorney to provide you with the most vigorous defense possible based on any number of defenses, including self defense and mutual fighting.

The Texas legislature is focusing extensively on assault offenses and has recently made changes to the assault laws that affect the felony versus misdemeanor distinction, as well as other consequences. Ross Torres stays current on all laws that affect his clients, allowing him to provide you with the dedicated and aggressive defense you require.

Ft. Bend County lawyer Ross Torres never charges you when you call to have your questions answered. If you have been charged with assault and have questions or concerns, call (832) 735-2454.

Domestic Abuse/Family Violence

The Texas legislature is increasing the penalties for domestic abuse convictions. With higher fines and a wider definition of "dating violence," individuals facing domestic abuse charges have everything to lose by not obtaining trained legal guidance.

Convictions for Family or Dating Violence Have Severe Consequences

It is not uncommon for domestic disputes to escalate into physical violence. Couples involved in high-tension relationships often find themselves committing cycles of violence, as well. As such, the consequences of a domestic abuse conviction escalate with each subsequent conviction.

The prosecution will work to have your domestic abuse conviction labeled as an affirmative family violence finding. If this occurs, the next offense of the same type will automatically be labeled as a felony, which can bring consequences of extreme fines and extensive time in prison. A family violence finding can include dating violence.

Dating violence is defined by the Texas Family Code as a "relationship between individuals who have or have had a continuing relationship of a romantic or intimate nature." In addition, a person can be charged with Continuous Violence Against the Family, a third degree felony, if during a period that is 12 months or less in duration, the person two or more times engages in conduct that constitutes an offense under Section 22.01 of the Texas penal code and is or was involved in a dating or family relationship.

Specific consequences that you may be facing for a domestic abuse conviction include:

  • Fines
  • Jail or prison time
  • Community service or probation
  • Inability to purchase or own a firearm
  • Limitations on parenting time and orders for protection

Contact the Experienced Domestic Violence Attorney Ross Torres.

Whether you are facing charges for spousal abuse, child abuse or dating violence, the Ross Torres is ready to represent your interests vigorously and protect your rights in court. Ross Torres will speak with you to learn all aspects of your situation, explain your rights and the process to you, and then fight hard to keep this instance off your criminal record. Contact Ross to learn more at (832) 735-2454.


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