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"Ross is a very honest and straightforward person. He also is an amazing attorney and was able to dismiss the 3 traffic violations in my case without resulting in any fees. I only had to pay court costs and defensive driving. I also literally did not have to do any work throughout the entire process except show up to court."
- Z.R. (2016)

Katy Traffic Ticket Lawyer

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Do you have a hold on your Texas driver's license?

Many Texans are surprised to know that they have outstanding traffic tickets.
Click here to see if you have any outstanding traffic warrants in Texas. Plus, you may confirm whether you have a hold on your ability to renew your Texas driver's license."

Katy Municipal Traffic CourtSo you’ve been cited for a traffic violation in Katy, Texas, now what? Don’t Plead Guilty! I Can Help You Reduce Or Eliminate Traffic Fines.

Katy Ticket Lawyer Ross Torres can help you if you are facing a traffic-related criminal defense need. If you plead guilty and just pay off your ticket, you may see an increase in your insurance costs and a permanent mark on your driving record.

Katy Ticket Defense: Moving Violations

Receiving a ticket for a moving violation does not mean that you don’t have a chance in disputing your case. However, paying the fine is the same as pleading guilty in court, and may make driving more costly to you in the form of increased insurance rates and surcharges. The Texas Department of Public Safety Driver Responsibility Program (Point System) adds points to your license for various traffic convictions.

Fight DPS Points and Surcharges!

traffic ticket warrant check Warning: A conviction for a Katy traffic ticket in the State of Texas may result in the assessment on your driver’s license of a surcharge under the Driver Responsibility Program.

Here’s the breakdown of points toward your license:

  • Conviction for a moving violation, except speeding less than 10% faster than the posted speed limit in a location other than a school zone – 2 points
  • Conviction for an offense relating to child passenger safety seat systems – 2 points
  • Conviction for a moving violation resulting in an accident – 3 points

If you receive 6 or more points during the preceding 36 month period, you will be required to pay to DPS, a surcharge of $100.00 for the first 6 points, and $25.00 for each additional point.

Each year, DPS will assess a surcharge of $250.00 if, during the preceding 36-month period you have been convicted of “driving while license invalid,” “failure to show proof of financial responsibility (no insurance),” or “operating a motor vehicle while the registration is suspended.”

Each year, DPS will assess a surcharge of $100.00 if, during the preceding 36-month period you have been convicted of “driving without a valid license.”

Katy Ticket Lawyer Ross Torres Explains Alternatives

You can ask the court to take a driving safety course before your court date to get your ticket dismissed, but you may do so only once per year. However, the driver safety course is not an option for certain violations such as speeding in excess of twenty-five miles per hour over the posted speed limit or driving without auto insurance. In addition, Katy Ticket Lawyer Ross Torres will negotiate a deferred disposition in most cases. This means that in return for a deferred sentence you may pay the fine and court costs and be placed on probation. If you receive no more tickets during the probation period, your ticket will be dismissed. In some cases, the court may require drivers under 25 years of age to complete a driving safety course. Thus, deferred adjudication is completely at the discretion of the court and is not always available. Call Katy Ticket Lawyer Ross Torres so he can fight to get a deferred disposition in your case!

Here’s the Deal:

Contacting Katy Traffic Ticket Lawyer Ross Torres to defend you in court is your best defense in fighting your traffic ticket. He has a high rate of success in keeping points off your driving record, and keeping your insurance rates from skyrocketing. Ross Torres is an experienced Katy Traffic Ticket lawyer and is familiar with the applicable law, court procedures, court staff and will give you his best in winning your case. Through his skillful representation, Ross Torres keeps many Katy traffic tickets from resulting in convictions and has a high rate of getting tickets plead down to a nonmoving violation with a reduced fine, leaving your driving record intact.

Defending Traffic Light Violations in Katy

Running a traffic light in Katy is commonplace and drivers across the lonestar state are often ticketed for this infraction. Even though the clarity of traffic laws in Texas seems to be clear, there are many instances that may justify why the violation occurred. Although you may feel justified in running a red light to avoid a car or pedestrian accident, the Katy Municipal court judge may not always see it that way.

The cost associated with Katy traffic light violations can be high, even if you view the violation as inconsequential when compared to other traffic violations. Often times, the cost of the citation is only a small price when court costs, failure to appear fees or other mandatory court fees are added. As these costs increase, it makes more sense to call Katy Ticket Lawyer Ross Torres to explore your options. Ross knows how to fight back and get the most favorable results in Katy municipal court.

Katy Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding tickets in Katy are the most often issued citation. While many speeding tickets do not result in serious injury, the fines often imposed on alleged violators make up a large amount of funds paid to Katy Municipal court. A huge number of drivers who are given a speeding ticket do not understand their options with regard to taking a driver safety course or hiring an experienced Katy Traffic Ticket lawyer who can aggressively defend your interests in court. Ross Torres is easy to reach, and you can talk directly to him in a free consultation about your ticket by calling 281.793.0077. He won’t hand you off to a junior associate or some other lawyer that just may happen to be present on the day you have court.

There are other ways to deal with your case rather than paying a full fine on your speeding ticket, getting points against your license and suffering other potential consequences. Taking a driver safety class is one way but it can be costly. You may have to be the full ticket up front, pay for the class and supply your driving record at the conclusion of the process. In addition, it can eat up your whole day and certain restrictions may apply. Of course, the faster the speed, the higher the fine. If a law enforcement officer issues a speeding citation for 10 percent above the posted speed limit, the prosecutor may attempt to increase your fine which will result in points against your license with other collateral consequences.

Avoiding the Negative Consequences of a Katy Speeding Ticket

The Law Office of Ross Torres is a superb resource for Katy drivers who have been issued a speeding ticket. Ross Torres spends many hours every week focusing on Texas traffic law and defending clients who have been accused of a speeding violation by the Katy Police Department that may not be legit. He has a great deal of experience and has a professional staff to assist him. When clients call, they speak directly to Ross Torres not an answering service or secretary. Ross Torres will give you the confidence that your Katy ticket will be handled by a professional who has your interests in mind.

Katy Ticket Driving Registration Violations

In Texas, every vehicle that is to be legally driven on the state’s roadways must be registered with the state. If it is not registered, the violation can lead to fines up to $500 and other costs. Plus, offenders may be looking at potential points on your license. If this should happen to you, these penalties can result in challenges and unforeseen consequences.

The penalties that come with registration violations can be dismissed with the help of experienced Katy ticket lawyer Ross Torres who understands the law, and knows how to fight these accusations in court. It is imperative for the public who wish to fight their citation to do so in an aggressive, yet professional and respectful manner which conveys legitimacy to the court. In all his cases, Ross Torres promotes this legitimacy from his years of experience in similar court cases.

Car Accidents in Katy

It’s no surprise accidents happen everyday in Katy. Roads are often not ideal as we drive from place to place in bad weather, congested roads and construction zones.

Accident - “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” That’s it! There’s no intent so these are not crimes, just traffic incidents. However, these incidents can result in points to your driving record and increased insurance costs. Police officers often don’t do a proper accident investigation. Let Katy car accident lawyer Ross Torres represent you in court and defend your case.

Let Ross Torres help you avoid a conviction. Points against your license and the requirement of taking a driver safety class are just some of the things to consider when debating whether to hire a lawyer in an accident case. Keep your insurance premiums down and your driving record clean. By making the ill advised decision to pay your fine, you are admitting guilt and accepting the harsh consequences from that quick decision. The driver of the other car will use your admission of guilt from your ticket as leverage in a potential lawsuit stemming from the car accident.

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