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"Mr. Ross Torres was the blessing I needed. After 10 months of court, my previous attorney decided to drop me as a client due to unknown reasons a week before pre-trial for a felony charge. I did what any normal person who has never been in trouble with the law would do and that was panic. After I came across Ross’ site on a search from my mobile device and my friend texted me the same name, I knew this was a good sign. I immediately called Ross.

Still in panic, I explained my situation and informed him that pre-trial was a week from that day. Ross calmed me down and met with me the following day. After hearing and seeing what information I had he knew I was innocent and agreed to be my legal representative. Ross was extremely great at explaining the whole process and the options available to me. I learned more from him in a few weeks than I did from previous attorney. He also met with my immediate family and assured them he will do his best to get the best possible outcome.

A few plea deals were offered. I felt they were all bad deals because I knew the felony charge against me was false. Ross backed my decision to proceed in fighting the charge. Ross took on my case and the result was outstanding! 4 months after all the work he put in and information collected, the felony charge against me was dismissed. I will be using Ross for the expungement process.

I cannot thank Mr. Ross Torres enough for all he has done for me in my dire need and the excellent outcome. I now have my life normal back. My family and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of his service. Ross genuinely took a personal interest in me and my case as if he was fighting for one of his own family members. He truly had my back during all of my court appearances, and was always professional. The world needs more honest attorneys like Mr. Ross Torres."
- C.R. (2016)

Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mission Statement: “Protecting the Lord's children who have fallen short of perfection from the wrath of those who believe they have attained it.” — Stuart Kinard

Nothing is more frightening than being arrested and thrown into a cold cell thus beginning your trek thru the impersonal criminal justice system. You are scared because you do not know what to expect, and you are frustrated because you feel like you have nowhere to turn to for help.

The criminal justice system in Texas has a reputation for being very hard on defendants with little concern for the lives that are forever ruined in the process. Texas justice is swift and brutal. It begins from the moment you are charged with any criminal offense. It is at this time that you need someone who will be ready to suit up and go to battle for you. You will need someone with experience and the tenacity to fight the government every step of the way.

Getting immediate assistance from an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. I believe in an energetic and vigorous legal defense for all of my clients. With years of experience in the criminal justice system and trying cases to a jury, I am well aware of the tactics used by the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office to present a case against an accused person and I know the best defenses to counteract those methods.

What Methods Do I Employ?

I begin by speaking with you directly, not through someone else.

We will set up an initial consultation so we can discuss your case one on one, so that I can find out exactly what facts we will be dealing with.

I will analyze every aspect of your case, custom tailoring a defense for you immediately.

Together, we assemble an information packet in which to present to the Prosecutor in order to paint a picture of you that is different than the cold and negative description of you given by law enforcement in their offense reports.

I will demand all the records and files from the District Attorney’s office, as well as the video and audio statements from the officers involved.

I will begin your defense-fighting all the way, until we get the results you are looking for. If the government does not give us what we are looking for, we head to trial. A jury trial is often times the only way to extract the outcome needed in a criminal case. You need to make sure you are hiring a lawyer who is in fact, a trial lawyer. Many lawyers will tout themselves as “trial” lawyers despite the fact that they have not ever tried a criminal case to a jury in their career.

What Can You Expect When You Contact Me?

Sunday Morning Honesty, No Bull, Respect.

A lot of attorneys have no interest in helping you actually fight the charges against you. They are looking for the easiest way out so they can move on to their next case. To them, you are nothing more than a quick buck and a plea bargain. I call those lawyers “plea machines” because their only interest is in spending 30 minutes on your case and pleading you guilty as they dump you off into the land of the convicted and those on probation. They pump you for every dollar you have and dump you off by the wayside as soon as they can, leaving you with the baggage that will follow you for the rest of your life.

You deserve someone who will actually put up a fight and represent you. Someone who merely holds your hand while you plead guilty is barely a step above not having a lawyer at all. Hire a lawyer with actual trial experience. Hire someone with a reputation for fighting for their clients. Hire a lawyer that announces “Ready Your Honor” at trial docket. I have a reputation for fighting for each and every client that hires me. If I cannot get the result you are looking for (i.e., dismissal, reduction, etc.) then we set your case for trial and make the government prove their case.

To do any differently is a waste of your time and money. When you are facing prison time or possible life-lasting consequences depending on the outcome of your criminal case, can you really afford to window shop for the cheapest lawyer in town? Ask yourself this question – how much is your freedom worth to you? How much is it worth to have a clean criminal history?

If you are accused of a crime and the police are investigating you, time is of the essence. Every moment counts. I have a very high success rate when it comes to preventing criminal accusations from turning into a criminal conviction. I know the laws that surround all misdemeanors and felonies. I have handled everything from petty theft crimes to serious violent felonies. If you’ve been accused of any crime, be it DWI, possession, domestic violence, probation violation, burglary, robbery or any other serious crime...Call Ft. Bend County Lawyer Ross Torres to set up a free initial consultation.

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